Spot A Bad Apple
Among Millions
In Just Seconds

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Facial recognition, only better.
Developed to do the job other facial recognition systems cannot.

SmartVis Face provides a unique, easily deployable, facial recognition capability not offered before.

The system has been designed to meet frontline operational requirements of defence, security and law enforcement agencies, as well as critical national infrastructure operators.

Whilst most facial recognition systems were designed to work in controlled environments, such as access control and passport e-gates, or tagging photographs in social media accounts from a relatively small list of associated friends. SmartVis Face was designed to spot “bad apples” in crowded places as well as in remote hostile environments, no matter what.

Facial recognition for the real world.

Anytime, Anywhere...




SDK Features

The SmartVis Face SDK provides out-of-the-box flexibility for any custom integration.

Latest generation FaceRec algorithms and deep learning tools for enrolment, verification and identification, with powerful face localisation and tracking (on images and video).

Works across most devices and platforms.